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Sinebjerg Camping
Sinebjergvej 57 B
5600 Faaborg
Phone +4562601440
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Open: 04.04. - 18.10.
LON 10° 11‘ 1.9680'
LAT 55° 4‘ 57.9720'

Sinebjerg Camping at Faaborg / Fyn


Sinebjerg Camping informs
Sinebjerg Camping informs
Corona virus
This is a difficult situation that we all face in Denmark as well as the rest of the world. It is still legal to camp in Denmark, but due to the recent development of coronavirus in Denmark, we have chosen to postpone our seasonal opening until the situation improves. . We assess the situation week by week. If we are to open now, all amenities (Kitchen, living room, playgrounds, shop, etc.) except toilets and baths must be closed. There must be approved hand disinfection everywhere, this is impossible for us to buy at the moment. We ourselves are at risk due to health, and some of our regulars are too. We therefore believe that the risk of opening is too great.
We will open as soon as possible for a nice summer season in the open air. We hope for your understanding and encourage everyone to take good care of yourself and each other.
You may want to come by and take a walk and look at the wagon.
Sincerely, Ragnhild and Henning

Sinebjerg Camping is situated  in an area, that slopes towards the south.

The campground has wonderful view of the Southern Funen archipelago to the Islands of Lyø, Ærø and Als.

The ground lies next to a farm and our animals, two horses, tree dwarf goats and 5 rabbits, live in a stable there.




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